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Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing old

Okay here's a funny, but I don't want you laughing at me, just at life.
We, Adam, Aubree and me, were sitting at the dinner table eating dinner. Adam had his shirt off because he had a sunburn. When he lifted his arm to put food in his mouth I laughed at the underarm hair. I teased and said, "wow, you are starting to be come a man." He said, "I'll show you man, look at these muscles." And so he flexed for us. I laughed and said that wasn't a muscle. He then said then show me yours. Of course this was my response. "I'll show you a muscle." I whipped my arm up into my flexing position. Both my kids started laughing their heads off. I looked down at my big muscle only to see that my lower arm was waving in the wind. WHAT, that can't be, I've been a religious worker-outer!! I'm still young and strong right? Adam and Aubree would lift their own arms but with the other hand they would wave their flexed arms. Adam said, "You have Relief Society arms." They thought that was the best laugh there was. I said, "Don't you tell any of your friends this story." Well they did, so I thought I would too. HOW sad is it to get old and flappy.


Gloria said...

Welcome to Relief Society! You can still be strong.... Yep this sounds like a Danette happening. You got to love life! I'm glad I have you as one of ours. love ya.

Curtis said...

I'll take flappy arms any day over what gets flappy when a man gets old. =)

Larry said...

I am glad that I will never get RS arms.

Gatha said...

The kids love to play with the flab on old arms. I guess that is not all bad. I'm sure your aren't too flabby. Whatever you are I love you.

Kent said...

Danette, I love it when you share things like this. It makes me love you for who you are, and for your ability to share it.

Don't feel bad, your Aunt Betty has Relief Society arms too. It's one of the things I love about her.