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Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing old

Okay here's a funny, but I don't want you laughing at me, just at life.
We, Adam, Aubree and me, were sitting at the dinner table eating dinner. Adam had his shirt off because he had a sunburn. When he lifted his arm to put food in his mouth I laughed at the underarm hair. I teased and said, "wow, you are starting to be come a man." He said, "I'll show you man, look at these muscles." And so he flexed for us. I laughed and said that wasn't a muscle. He then said then show me yours. Of course this was my response. "I'll show you a muscle." I whipped my arm up into my flexing position. Both my kids started laughing their heads off. I looked down at my big muscle only to see that my lower arm was waving in the wind. WHAT, that can't be, I've been a religious worker-outer!! I'm still young and strong right? Adam and Aubree would lift their own arms but with the other hand they would wave their flexed arms. Adam said, "You have Relief Society arms." They thought that was the best laugh there was. I said, "Don't you tell any of your friends this story." Well they did, so I thought I would too. HOW sad is it to get old and flappy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Party

So Aubree has now had her halloween party. I have started this thing where my children turn 12 and will not be able to go trick or treating, so we throw a party for them instead. It turned out well. The theme this time was the "mad scientist" who's favorite book was Frankinstein. He then wanted to make his own "Franky" kind. I made gruesome brains, had the big gummy hand and foot and eyeballs which they had to hunt down. But he was missing the heart. So in our haunted "lab" the mad scientist held the heart and yelled, "It's alive!" (gary did a great job) Aubree's generation now needs to watch Frankinstein, I don't think they made the contection. I guess the most important was that we scared the "bugukey's" out of them. HAHAHAHA
Who knows what we will come up with once we do it two more times.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay so this is the first time in a long since I have had a cold. But it hit me hard. So heres AUGH!! to all those sicknesses that we get! Sure makes you appreciate the healthy days. Hope everyone out there is surviving.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday fun

Katee just turned eleven. I wasn't too sure what I was going to do for it. So one day an idea came to my head, "Crafts." I told a friend that I had to come up with a craft to do, she told me about a blog that her friend had that had craft ideas on it. So I looked it up. In no time I had decided what to do: headbands. So I went to the store and grabbed some material. I ended up sewing (which is quite the chore for me to do, I'm sure you know what escaped my mouth a few times) I sewed 16. I didn't want to waste the material. I also was borrowing the neighbors sewing machine because my wasn't working right, so I had to get it all done before I had to return it. I do have to say they turned out plenty cute. WHAT we won't do for our kids!! I guess it's a good thing we love them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chicken update

I think we have finally figured out how to keep the chicken's from flying the coop. We clipped their wings. It has been wonderful to not be chasing the chickens back home. (too bad the cussing hasn't let up though. HA if only I felt bad about it.)
Well I just got a new calling, Bear Cub Leader. Thankfully I will be working with a friend in the program. I'm not excited about wearing that yellow shirt though. (me and uniforms just don't mix)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Founder's Day

Here in Wellsville they celebrate their beginnings on Labor Day. We start out with a Cannon that goes off at 5:30 in the morning. I remember the first year that we heard it burst into the air, we thought the end of the world was here. At seven, they host a 5K and a 10k run. Aubree and Katee joined the neighbor and ran the 5k. Then at 10 is the parade. They do real well with their floats and candy. (Candy is the most important for some) A sham battle is played out for their audience, a cowboy and Indian war. The Indians are painted with red dye and they all have long black hair. The contenders battle it out with fake blank shots and wrestling. Pure craziness. After the parade they have booths to visit at the park. Come 6:30 that evening their is a children's rodeo. Kids sign up to ride a sheep or a cow. It's hilarious to watch the kids fall off and then come crying to their parents like, "I can't believe you signed me up for this." Cheap entertainment, at the expense of the child. Ha. They have a critter run, where children under 6 run into the arena for an animal; a bunny, chicken, rooster, cat. Every now and then they have a goat. It's fun to watch them. They catch an animal that the parents don't want to have and the animal ends up going home. That's how we ended up with our bunny. A calf run for the women is also done. Women 18 and older run after the tails of calves for a two night stay at Sherwood hills. Pure craziness. Never did I think I would be involved in such fun events. It reminds me of Manassa on the 24th. I feel fortunate.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dispite his wife

Well for my birthday yesterday we watched Gary get set apart in the new Bishopric of the new 10th ward. (1st Counselor) Amazingly he got put in even though his wife cusses at the chickens 24--7. Our stake changed boundaries and created two new wards. Our meeting time will now be 8:30 until the new building is built. So, lots of changes for the coming year.